The High Priest's Guide to a Successful Marriage

Everyone listened intently
as the high priest
delivered his sermon
during the wedding ceremony.

"For my last words,"
he announced,
"I shall share with the couple
the secret of
a long-lasting, loving,
and happy marriage.

The priest then leaned
close to the couple
and whispered something in their ears.

The couple smiled,
then turned around to look
at the wedding guests in their seats.
All the married people
were smiling back at them.
But all the single people
were giving each other
looks that said
"What the hell was that all about?"

*Batanes, 4 Feb 2012

Sting Lacson

A writer. By degree and by profession. Also strongly advocates ten-finger typing to all writers because that's what you do for a living, so be efficient at it.

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