Directed by the Maestro

And the Lord said:
“Let there be light.”

And there was light – 2 kilowatts
(Remember, this is a 1:3 ratio
of light against shadow)
Less light on the background, please.

When we were young,
we were silent. But
as we grew older, we
learned how to create

Speed…this is
a live recording, people.
No breathing on the set.

And as we grew older, we
discovered Memory,
our mental archive
which captures life like
a camera

Rolling…and the climax
scene 1, sequence 29, shot 5
take one…this is
one long take, people…and

From childhood to growthspurt,
from growthspurt to raging hormones,
from lust, we fall
in love

But remember, that was ages ago.
Now you’re all alone. Just sit there
and look miserable. Then move
closer, close-up on the hand, holding
a photograph of that villain!
Stay longer on the photograph, and –
there we go! – beautiful
teardrop right on target.

The Lord gave us emotions;
to some, a blessing,
to others, a curse. But
the Lord also gave a gift that can
affect our emotions – it is called

which slowly fades in,
there we go, nice, tear-jerking
music; not too loud,
just right. Then move back to the face –
close-up on those sad eyes,
like a dam about to break –
hold that look.

Now sometimes, we have emotions
so heavy that it becomes
a burden to bear.
On the borderline, we are in danger
of crossing over
to Insanity, or to its cousin,

But you will not kill yourself,
oh no. A broken heart does not
justify taking your own life
and ending it – No, your life
is not worth two of that scum.
You are the star here.
This is your movie.
That asshole’s name doesn’t even
appear on the poster.

Because the Lord gave
everyone of us a chance
to shine in our own movie,
and it doesn’t end until
the credits start crawling upward.

Now wipe your eyes – don’t look
sad anymore – that’s better.
Crumple the photograph, then
give us a smile. You’re single again.
And you’re happy. Perfect,
hold that face – beautiful.

*circa 5 Dec 2005

Sting Lacson

A writer. By degree and by profession. Also strongly advocates ten-finger typing to all writers because that's what you do for a living, so be efficient at it.

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