How to Stop a Wolf on the Prowl

I. The Predator

A (male) wolf on the prowl is unstoppable,
with senses heightened for the kill.
His sense of smell is trained to sniff the air
for the faintest trace of pheromones.

The wolf on the prowl has enhanced vision,
seeing everything in black and white---
except of course for the females,
which he sees in full-color high-definition.

The only way to stop a wolf on the prowl
is to set a trap for it.

II. The Bait

The bait must be extremely powerful
to overwhelm the heightened senses
of the wolf on the prowl.

The bait must emit an unfamiliar odor,
like the scent of an alpha female
of a slightly different breed.
Sickeningly sweet,
like white Swiss chocolate.
Unmistakeably female,
yet something the wolf has never smelled before.

The bait must cause the wolf
visual overload.
She should be more than eye-candy;
she should give the wolf visual tooth-decay.
The bait must be larger-than-life,
like a movie star on a forty-foot screen.

III. The Trap

The wolf on the prowl will sniff the air.
He will detect the strange new scent
and hone in on the bait's fragrance.

The wolf will set his sights on the bait,
and get ready to pounce.
But like a Gorgon,
the bait's stare is venomous.
Once the eyes of wolf and bait meet,
even for just a split-second,
the wolf crumples to the ground,

IV. The Venom

The bait's venom
is transmitted through
visual contact.
A split-second stare
will stop the wolf in his tracks.

The venom spreads
in a matter of seconds.
It causes a rush in the bloodstream,
and makes the wolf's heart
pump twice as fast.

The venom reaches the brain
almost instantaneously.
The wolf may experience slight dementia,
with faulty judgment,
and possibly even hallucinations.

The venom is not lethal,
but it is quite toxic,
more powerful than alcohol.
More potent than any psychoactive substance,
it can leave the wolf inebriated
for several days.

A wolf on the prowl
cannot really be stopped.
It can only be slowed down.

Despite the venom,
the wolf will always find a way
to conquer the bait.

Sting Lacson

A writer. By degree and by profession. Also strongly advocates ten-finger typing to all writers because that's what you do for a living, so be efficient at it.

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