Dear John

Dear John,

I know you have to leave, and no one's stopping you. Hell, if my girl left me for another guy, I'd want to see the world, too. So I took the liberty of packing your suitcase for you. I included stuff to make sure you stay on the path, my brother.

First, the Eiffel Tower. To remind you of romance. And sex. Get laid!

Second, I put some you-know-what in the secret compartment. The smell alone should keep you happy. Just don't let them airport dogs sniff it, you know what I mean?

Third, I printed out that pic of your ex kissing that guy. I got it from her Facebook.

Fourth, I included my Zippo lighter. I'm giving it to you. Once you're over that bitch, burn the picture. Shift-delete her. Only then will you be truly free.

Fifth, don't forget your cellphone. We want to hear your voice when you're screaming at the top of the pyramids.

Call us, dude. We won't call you, as long-distance rates are expensive.

Love, Paul

*writing exercise for Jam 88.3 Performance Poetry Lecture hosted by Kooky Tuason featuring Siege Malvar, 14 Feb 2009
**performed at Bigkas Pilipinas, Jam 88.3, 14 Feb 2009
***bitterness unintentional

Sting Lacson

A writer. By degree and by profession. Also strongly advocates ten-finger typing to all writers because that's what you do for a living, so be efficient at it.


tina said...

i'm trying to imagine the guy who rattled off oscar predictions on the radio reciting a letter like this ^^ i think it would come out as a steady monotone. :D hehe.

"bitterness is unintentional"? dude, i didn't get any from the piece itself... so much for not calling attention to it :P

Sting Lacson said...

haha, were you listening then?

you have to know the back story for that. there really was another the other entries you'll get a vague idea.

anyway, i uploaded the recording of me reciting this on the air, but it's on multiply. listen to it if you want. i SO disagree with the monotone lol!

Menaya Garces said...

I didn't get any bitterness, either. It felt more like reflection than anything else.

Sting Lacson said...

i love people's comments ROFL!

tina said...

@sting listening to you during the oscar's thingy? of course i was! :)) and yes, you did have a monotone. so there. :P

hmmm, i think i'll pass on trying to get that vague idea. ^^

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