A Game of Thrones

is what we play
in our house
every Monday1 night.

Seven contenders
(myself included)
fight over who
gets to sit on

The Adler La-Z-Time® Reclining Chair
by La-Z Boy
"combines the styling of a stationary chair
with the added benefit of reclining",
nicknamed the "Iron Throne"
because of its rust-colored seat cover.

The Contenders:

My father
a.k.a. Lord Eddard
who would rather watch
that new documentary on Discovery Channel,
The Hounds of Winter.

My mother
a.k.a. Lady Catelyn
who would rather watch
her favorite channel,
Smart Parenting TV.

My eldest brother
a.k.a. King Robb
who would rather play
Command and Conquer
on his PlayStation.

My eldest sister
a.k.a. Sansa
who would rather watch
her favorite series
on the History Channel,
Most Beloved Medieval Princesses.

My other sister
a.k.a. Arya
who would rather watch
any contact sport on ESPN,
making my mother doubt
whether she's a lesbian.

My youngest brother
a.k.a. Rickon
who would rather watch
anything animated.

None of those contenders
got to sit on
the Iron Throne.
I always won,
the undefeated champion
of the game of thrones.

But they are my family,
and therefore, not stupid.
So they formed an alliance,
pooled all their resources,
and purchased a TiVo.

1 The original used "Sunday". The word "Monday" appears in the pirated version, because most pirates come from Asia, which crosses the date line before the rest of the world.

Sting Lacson

A writer. By degree and by profession. Also strongly advocates ten-finger typing to all writers because that's what you do for a living, so be efficient at it.

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