Mother Knows Best

Mother knows
was an accident.

"Unplanned," she says, "unforeseen.
What little foresight you had left
got thrown on the floor
along with your clothes."

Mother knows
there will be no union
of man and wife.
Not now. Not in the near

"But I love him," I say.

"It's not 'the one you love',
it's 'the one who loves you'.

If he really loves you,
he will wait," says Mother's mouth.
But Mother's mind goes,
"If he really loves you,
This wouldn't
have happened."

Mother knows
what she wants for me:
my happiness.
Nothing more.

"Long-term happiness is
what I want for you," she says.
"And it comes to those who wait."

QUESTION 1: Choose the letter of the answer you think best represents your Mother's logic.
A. Do not wait, and marry the father of my child; or
B. Wait and marry my True Love, which may or may not be the father of my child.

Mother knows
about me,
about This.

Mother knows
the Future,
because she has known
the Past.

Mother is God.
She is my Creator.
I was my father's seed
but I am my Mother's fruit.

MULTIPLE CHOICE: Choose the letter of the word that best completes the sentence.
I should (A. fear; B. revere; C. adhere to) my Mother's words.
The correct answer is D. all of the above.

Mother knows
I need her guidance
right now.
And her guidance is saying
Not. Now.

Mother knows
I should have ended up
with someone better.
"'Innocent until proven guilty'
does not apply
in this jurisdiction, it's
'Outsider until proven Family'.

He has
all the time in the world
to prove that."

*for meea

Sting Lacson

A writer. By degree and by profession. Also strongly advocates ten-finger typing to all writers because that's what you do for a living, so be efficient at it.

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