Elegy for Cory Aquino

They tied
a yellow ribbon
'round the tree.

They said yellow
is a magical color.

It can stop tanks
and freeze bullets;
it can lead people to the streets,
topple tyrants,
create constitutions;
it can put
martyrs on money,
and turn soldiers
against their commander-in-chief.
It can change
peoples' perception
regarding a woman's ability
to lead a nation.

The color yellow can also
unite a multitude
in one voice.

And now the yellow ribbon
has detached itself
from the tree,

and is now flying
in the wind.

*Requiescat in Pace, Corazon Cojuangco Aquino
Saturday, 1 August 2009.

Sting Lacson

A writer. By degree and by profession. Also strongly advocates ten-finger typing to all writers because that's what you do for a living, so be efficient at it.

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