Harmed Struggle

(Fact: a bullet is harm-
less outside
its chamber)

This is how to assemble
an Amaru .357:

First, combine the bolt1 and the carrier2.
1bolt─the mind:
produces theory,
which is our thesis
2carrier─the flesh of the word;
manifested as practice,
the antithesis

Insert the combined3 bolt and carrier, and push the handle4 forward.
3combined─theory and practice
becomes concrete
4handle─the next thesis
must be pushed
forward to create
a new contradiction

Align the hammer5 with the trigger6.
5hammer─the conscience
must be aligned with the
6trigger─the decision
to produce morals

Pull up the lock-on spring guide7, which allows you to put the cover8 back on the chamber9.
7lock-on spring guide,
to keep us in line
of others about you,
placed over the
criticism: what you think
about yourself

Then insert a fully-loaded magazine10, unlatch11 the safety12, and cock13 the handle.
arms of the people’s warrior.
To follow it, we must
separate oneself from
12safety─the family, the way of life
must be left
behind with-
out looking back.
13cock─get ready
for the next contradiction

The Amaru.357 is a gift
from Cuba to the Philippines (one sister to another)
two daughters of Mother Spain
forced into marriage to a bald-eagled redneck
for a dowry of twenty million dollars.

It was the same weapon used by Cuba to shoot her husband, formalizing the divorce.

*Filipino version here

*circa 24 Mar 2006

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